The New Fabric System.

​We believe there is more than one way to wrap fabric on a surface. Will you weave your adventure with us as we thread into the future?

We are

Fabrix™ is a fabric system that uses proprietary polymer tracks to construct acoustic panels. Our fabric system is made of only unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (UPVC). The tracks hold the fabric and the sound absorbing substrate in place to make acoustic panels.

The fabric system comes with Anti-Warp and Anti-Slip features for guaranteed installation. We also have a total of 46 profiles and counting, which makes us the largest fabric system manufacturer in the world, proudly designed in Singapore.

Fabrix™ ML 27S
Fabric System
Proudly Designed in Singapore
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3 Profiles
Square, Bevel and Round
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Profiles ML 27S and EL 27S
Aural-Aid HQ, Singapore
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Enjoy the Silence, Singaplural 2019
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Who uses Fabrix?

The Great Wave
Aural-Aid HQ, Singapore
Simon Rocknathan

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Which architects have we worked with?

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