Care & Warranty

Fabrix™ is manufactured to the highest standards and are designed to offer excellent performance and longevity.

Most fabrics can be cleaned using a lint roller. All fabrics should be maintained by following the manufacturer’s care and maintenance instructions. All products are warranted against material and workmanship defects.

Download Fabrix™ Maintenance Guide PDF

Download Fabrix™ Warranty PDF

Use a lint roller to remove surface dirt and debris. We recommend using BÄSTIS Lint roller from IKEA.

Spray isopropyl alcohol onto the fabric to remove tough stains.

Use a lint-free cloth to gently massage the stain away.

In case of extreme stains, use small amounts of thinner onto the stain. Use a lint-free cloth.

Do not use water to clean the stain as it may cause dye diffusion.

Fabric panel cleaned and debris free. <3

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